Welcome to Lavish and Glamourous Designs!

Here is a little bit of information on who we are and what we do we are really glad you're here!

Our journey began 5 years ago, when our son was turning a year old. We wanted to make it extra special and decided to personalize all the décor and cake and everything we could possibly put his name on! This was the event that started it all, from then on we have become the go to for family members to friends and then from friends of friends to complete strangers requesting customized items, as they say the best compliment can be from a simple referral!

Since 2015, we have been growing our client base and product catalog, and have become a one-stop-shop for personalized event paper crafts including everything from invitations to thank you cards, keepsake banners, cake toppers, tags, sticker,  labels, and have begun to carry a variety of ready to ship gifts and accessories from jewelry, to décor and apparel. Moreover, one of our newest additions has been a carefully curated collection of collaborations with local business and shops to support small Canadian vendors across the country!

Check out the site and feel free to contact us for a free quote and consultation about what you need!

Thanks for supporting local small businesses!

We look forward to working with you soon!

Liz 💗

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