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Adult Emoji Face Mask

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LIMITED EDITION: Breathable, machine-washable, two-ply cotton-modal masks. Sustainable. Made in Canada.

*This is not a medical grade mask*

The modal-cotton masks fit snuggly behind the ears. aMASK by FREED’s ear loops make daily mask-wearing both safer and more comfortable than your average mask.

Fit is the most important thing when it comes to finding your perfect mask. If there are any gaps, virus particles can enter and exit. It’s imperative that the mask fit securely over the nose and be seamless around the jawline. ⁣⁣

With this mask the ear loops sides allowing you to tighten or loosen to ensure the mask fits securely around the bottom of your face.

Masks are best stored in a sealed plastic bag.

The mask should be carefully folded in half so that the side that touches your mouth is on the inside. After the mask is placed in the bag, be sure to wash your hands thoroughly.

⁣According to health experts, you should be washing your cloth masks frequently, ideally “after every day of use”. ⁣ ⁣Our masks are machine washable and should be hung to dry.

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